Training Plan Number 55

Please ensure you have a safe area that is clean and tidy to use for these exercises, and a suitable risk assessment has been carried out.

Each Plan is Designed to Last Approximatly 1 Hour to 1 Hour 15 Minutes.

As this is a General Training Plan and Designed for all of our Students Ranging from White Belt (with only a few weeks experience) to 6th Dan Master (with over 27 year’s experience) Please only attempt the areas of this plan that you are trained in and are comfortable with, Thank You.

The Mark Farnham Schools of Tae Kwon-Do does not accept resposibility for any injury caused by the manufacture or use of any equipment shown on these training plans.

 Order  Subject  Description  Link  Time (Minutes)
1  Warm Up Basic Warm up See Video
2  Stances Check Stances and Foot positions, for stances relevant to your grade. Common Stances 10 - 15
3  Patterns

Work on your top pattern, or the latest one you have been taught if you are a Black Belt. Check Stances, Fist on Belt, Height of Techniques etc.

  10 - 15
4  Kicks  Run through all the kicks you can remember, particularly front leg kicks : Side, Turn and Hooking Kicks.
5 3 Step Sparring Grades up to Yellow Belt inc. do 1,2,3 & 4, Green Stripes add on 5,6 & 7, Green Belts & above do all 10. 3 Step Sparring 10
6 Stretching  Run through the Schools Basic Floor Stretching Routine.
See Video

A Rough Guide to Your Patterns.
These are not studio quality recorded patterns, but will give you a referance to follow.

Thank you Mr Ed Guintrand 1st Dan Kings Lynn & Mrs Sam Kay 1st Kup Ely.

4 Directional Punch Part 1  Dan Gun  Yul Gok Hwa Rang Po Eun 
4 Directional Punch Part 2 Do San Joong Gun Choong Moo  
Chon Ji Won Hyo Toi Gye Kwang Gae  

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