Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How young do you teach Children?
A - This depends on which of our Schools you are looking to train at, as some Schools run special
children beginner classes that can cater for 5 years olds and sometimes even late 4 year olds.
Schools that only train once a week tend to teach students from 6 years old.
Q - Do you offer a Free taster Session?
A - Yes, we invite all our new students to try a free first lesson so that they can have a go and see if
it is for them. It can be a bit daunting arriving for your first session, but we find new starters of
all ages are feeling comfortable and happy within minutes of starting.
Q - Can you return to Tae Kwon-Do if you have had a break or stopped training?
A - Yes, It is no problem to return to training with us, in fact we love to see members from the past return.
It does not take long to get back up 'to speed' with your training as it all comes back very quickly.
- Are there punches in Tae Kwon-Do? 
A -  Yes, Tae Kwon-Do means basically Hand, foot art, at least half of our 3200 techniques use hands.
Q -  Is Tae Kwon-Do similar to Karate?
-  Yes, In some cases they have quite a few similarities, Tae Kwon-Do is recognised for it's high kicking.
-  When was Tae Kwon-Do Invented?
A  Tae Kwon-Do was first recogniesd as a Martial Art in April 1955
Q -  Is Tae Kwon-Do a Sport or a Martial Art?
A - Tae Kwon-Do is a Martial Art as we also learn the history and parts of the Korean language, but
Tae Kwon-Do also has a sports/competitive side as we enter many championships, and fight competitively.
Q -  Is the Tae Kwon-Do you practise in the Olympics?
A - No, we practise the original Tae Kwon-Do style and not the W.T.F. Olympic style, the main difference is that
we use our hands a lot more.
Q -  What can Tae Kwon-Do do for me?
A - Obviously you are learning self defence skills as well as getting fit, but also one of the biggest gains is
self confidence which is possibly the most important aspect of the martial art.
Self control is another important part of Tae Kwon-Do.

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