If you have ever considered taking up kick boxing classes then our workout / squad sessions may be just what you are looking for as our Tae Kwon Do semi/ touch contact sparring is basically kick boxing.

In many traditional martial arts such as Tae Kwon-Do the sparring / kickboxing classes are only a portion of the full martial art, we do not solely concentrate on this aspect as part of our training.

Our workout sessions are always the second session of the week at our schools that offer 2 different nights of training.

Some of our schools do not have a second night of the week and in this case we would be delighted to see you travel to a different school that may offer this opportunity.

The Schools that only train once a week will include sparring in their normal sessions but may be unable to fit in a full workout / squad session.

To take part in these sessions you need to have an up to date T.A.G.B. licence.

Also our association, which is one of the most progressive in the world, ensures that all of our students wear the correct recognised, approved safety equipment at all times, this is also important for aspects of safety and insurance.

All students must wear:

Approved Head Guard
Approved Hand Guards (mitts)
Approved Foot Guards (boots)
Approved Shin Guards
Approved Gum Shield
Men/Boys must also wear an Approved Groin Guard.
Ladies can also opt for a chest guard (this is optional).

All of this equipment can be obtained from your Instructor or you can order online.

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